It all started when...

I was in fifth grade. I needed a MySpace page. I spent hours and hours learning how to code my profile so I could hide my top 8 (because both my best friend Paulina and my then boyfriend Cody wanted to be my top #1 friend, and I wasn't prepared for that sort of confrontation.)

From there came Instagram. I would post photos of my meal in bad lighting with 12 filters on it. Then Twitter, where I posted things like "so0o bored - text it ;p"

yeah, I was that girl.

Since the beginning of what I know as the digital media age, I have been consistently tapped into the 'new and now.' I am the target demographic for nearly every social site that exists, and I use that to my advantage. I know what makes brands bigger, bolder, and brighter.

Now - I own my own business with an iced coffee in one hand and my pup Jeter in the other. Running your own business is a constant roller coaster of up and down, but luckily; I love the ride. 

Hop on,
Han & Jeter