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HB+me is going to be making some MAJOR changes in the next few months. In my first official year as hb+me, I learned a lot, like that I could actually do this! And make money! And have the time of my life!

But as I grow and change, I need some assistance. The website and the branding that I created on six shots of espresso in my dual kitchen/office is no longer serving me. As I continue to grow (and eventually hire under me), I want to change my branding and my direction.

The first year of business is rocky. You're poor, you're stressed, you're eating $1 meals all day everyday. 

I watched my health deteriorate, my friendships fade, and my life crumble as I threw my heart and soul into my business 24 hours a day seven days a week. But I worked through it and the people closest to me stayed close, my life is back on track, and I'm ready for this next phase of my business.

I will be spending the next few months quietly working with my clients and on myself.
I'm looking forward to my next chapter, with a new brand, new website, but the same passion.


See you in July.



hannah budke