Date My Friend


It all started when...

I got an email from a sweet woman named Trish. She found me from LinkedIn, which led her to my website, which led her to my email inbox. I was so excited, my fingers were flying as I immediately responded to find a time to talk. Once I pressed send, I went to re-read the message. It was at that moment I realized that my iPhone autocorrected "Dear Trish" to "Dear Trash."

Well there goes that, I thought. Little did I know, this would just be the beginning of me and Trish. 

Date My Friend is a dating app that really changes the game. You can sign up as a dater, and your friends can sign up as your wingmen and swipe for you. Game. Changed. 

The Role:

As Date My Friend's Manager of Marketing and Talent Acquisition, I oversee all social channels and the Campus Rep (WINGTEAM) program. For social channels, I manage both paid and organic efforts to drive app downloads from ideation, to creative, to graphics, to execution. I oversee the WINGTEAM, which is a campus representative program for schools that acts as an extension of Date My Friend. We are launching in January of 2018 at 10 campuses across the country with 2-3 reps per school. I act as their direct contact and will manage their events and marketing efforts on their respective campuses.

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