GOIng, going, blonde!

hair by marissa sue

It all started when…

I tend to get really nervous when it comes to cold-messaging people. I never want to bother someone or offend someone by asking them if they need help with social (I mean…how awkward could that be?!)

I went onto this new momma’s IG page and quickly realized that things had changed since she announced she was pregnant. I also noticed she had opened her own salon in 2018, so all of these shifts in her life meant less time for her social. So, I decided to shoot her a message. I got a response at 2:30am the next morning #momlife and from there we started making magic. Taking on her account with almost 50k followers has been an amazing opportunity to grow as a marketer and to help Marissa reach all of her goals!

@hairbymarissasue // hairbymarissasue.com