#CREATEYOURFATE - The Karrie Brady Story


It all started when…

I was scrolling through Facebook groups looking for the right opportunity (there's a big difference between any opportunity and the right opportunity.) Then I found Karrie. I reached out and she immediately scheduled a call. We talked and talked and after an hour and a half on the phone, I was ready to do the damn thing. Karrie & I click so well and have almost identical visions for her business.

the role:

As Karrie's virtual assistant, things are busy. She has started to build her business as a personal development coach and we are working on scaling it as quickly as possible. On top of that, she is embarking on a journey in April to put her belongings in a suitcase and travel the world full time. While she's away, I will be executing email campaigns, including drip campaigns and one-off e-commerce notes. I keep her social schedule consistent and assist in copywriting for all campaigns.


@karriebrady // @ouradventureatlas // karriebrady.com