Do it with passion or not at all.


LEt's get social


social media management

I grew up with digital media, and digital media grew up with me. Everything about the digital world makes me feel alive. Working with different clients and running their social campaigns sets my soul on fire. 

As your social media manager - you set the boundaries, and I take care of the rest. . Typical packages include a select number of posts on various social sites: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook - with daily interaction with followers.

Starting at $28 an hour



Digital paid advertising

Running paid ads can be tricky, and running ads on multiple platforms can become a slippery slope that leads to confusion and frustration. I will run all areas of a campaign including set up, monitoring, and analysis.

Starting at $35 an hour



Talk about it



Tell your story, and tell it well. Don't forget the importance of copywriting. Whether you need A+ captions to drive likes or blog posts that get all the views, I've got you covered.

Typical packages revolve around blog posts. Writing is something I found out that I loved (and did well) a few years ago. I have written promoted ads that curated over 120k views in a two week span. Whether you need short blurbs or 1,000 word blogs, I'm all over it. 

STARTING AT $100 per blog

Let Me Help


PR Manager / OBM

You run your business - I'll handle the rest. Hiring a OBM can provide invaluable help to your business by allowing you to do what you do best. Most of my clients fear a full inbox, where I thrive on the 'ding' of a new email on my phone. Let's tackle this one together. 

There is no 'typical package' when it comes to business management because I realize my clients all have different needs. We will work through it together to land on a personalized package that covers exactly what you need for your business. This can include: email responses, customer inquires on social channels, collaboration opportunities, running affiliate/campus rep/ambassador programs, and leading and moderating Facebook groups.

STARTING AT $28 an hour


Happy Clients


"Hannah works as my assistant and I really can not say enough good about her. She is hard working, passionate, creative, organized and has the most infectious personality. Would highly recommend her to anyone!"

- Jaci Marie Smith; influencer + photographer
@jacimariesmith, @jacimariephoto,


FANTASTIC WORK! My business scaled rapidly, and we had a big need for editing and polishing content thats going on major social media news outlets. 10/10 fantastic work! Would highly recommend

- Rich Drees;


From the minute we hired her, Hannah fit perfectly into our startup atmosphere, where we all handle endless tiny logistical chores at the same time that we plan massive big-picture strategy. For our company Hannah became a key thinker from day one. She is astute, decisive, expert, and way fun to have around the board table.

- Amber Fawson; co-founder

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Though the term ‘rockstar’ is used rather frequently these days, please know in my book that designation is only for the best of the best. So when I refer to Hannah as a ‘rockstar’ I can assure you she truly is one.

When I hired Hannah to manage my social marketing and brand ambassador programs, I knew the program goals, but needed someone who could create and execute steps A-to-Z. Since those first days, her work and dedication has exceeded expectations - something not as easy as it sounds when you’re literally writing the playbook as you go and working remotely on top of that. Hannah’s the type of person who doesn’t just do the task at hand but anticipates what follow up or next step will get the greater end result and she’s on that at the same time.

I couldn’t be luckier than to have Hannah on my team.

- Trish Gardner; Founder